Recycling, the Community and Education

Aberystwyth Civic Amenity Site

Household Waste Recycling Center accepting domestic waste from Ceredigion residents only, see below for site rules. Phone line (01970 624347) is not manned at the weekends. Please see the Ceredigion County Council website for additional guidance on what wastes are accepted at the site and what wastes should be put out for kurbside collections.

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri                           09.00 - 17.00

Sat/Sun/Bank Holidays   10.00 - 15.00

Last admittance at 15 mins before closing.

Closed on New Years Day, Good Friday and Christmas Day


Service Update effective from Monday 6 November 2023.

Main Changes

  • Proof of Address - Proof of Ceredigion address will need to be provided eg. Driving licence, Council Tax bill or utility bill
  • Types of waste - Clearer guidelines on the type, amount and limits on waste
  • Day Permits - What type of vehicle needs a permit to visit the Household Waste Site. Household Waste Site

New Site Rules

Ceredigion County Council currently provides four Household Waste Sites in the county.  They are provided solely for the purposes set out below.  We work hard to try to provide the services our residents need and to do so as cost effectively as possible.  Please help us by complying with these site rules.

  • Household Waste Sites in Ceredigion are for use by Ceredigion residents only. You may be asked to provide proof of your address when visiting a site. Proof of Ceredigion residency include official documents with a name and address such as a Council Tax bill, utility bill (no older than 3 months) or driving licence.
  • Only domestic waste from your home may be deposited at this site.
  • Trade waste is not accepted at the site. You may be asked to sign a disclaimer form where there is any doubt about the origin of the waste.
  • Ceredigion County Council is committed to recycling as much of the county’s waste as possible. The Household Waste Sites offer residents many recycling opportunities.  You are required to separate your waste before coming to the site. This ensures waste is managed in the most cost effective and environmentally sound way possible. If you have not separated your waste before entering the site, you should, and may be asked to, sort any unsorted waste at the site.
  • On condition that waste is of a genuine domestic source and has been correctly sorted for recycling, there is no restriction on the amount of waste that can be taken to the site, other than the restrictions set out in these site rules.
  • All waste must be placed in the correct containers.
  • Some of the sites offer an area where materials are set aside for reuse. Please discuss specific arrangements with the site operator.  For health and safety reasons, no items should be removed from any container or from the site without the express permission of the site operator.
  • It is not permitted to carry any items into the Household Waste Site from vehicles parked outside the boundary of the site.
  • Children and pets must remain in vehicles at all times.
  • Site users should behave responsibly at all times, and not cause a danger to themselves or others.
  • Abusive behaviour towards staff or anyone using the site will not be tolerated. This may result in individuals being banned from using the site and/or the matter being reported to the Police.
  • Waste is not permitted to be left outside the site gates - there is surveillance in operation at all sites.
  • We are not obliged to accept DIY waste at the Household Waste Site; however, the sites are being made available for the deposit of small amounts that arise from DIY activities.
  • The sites are provided to offer a way for residents to dispose of small quantities of household waste.  They should not be used as a means of avoiding disposal costs where large quantities of waste are being generated.  For this reason, some restrictions apply to the type and quantity of waste, and to the size and type of vehicle allowed on site.  Vehicle restrictions are managed through the issue of Day Permits.
  • The Council and its Household Waste Site operators reserve the right to refuse waste which doesn’t conform to the site rules, or which in their opinion is unreasonable either by its type or quantity.

Is someone else taking your waste to the site?

Did you know that as a householder you have a legal duty to check that the person accepting your waste is licenced to do so and where they are taking it.

  • If you pay someone to carry your waste it is no longer classed as domestic waste and it will not be permitted at the Household Waste Site.
  • It may be acceptable for a friend, family member, neighbour etc. to take your waste on a voluntary basis. However the producer of the waste remains responsible for it and must ensure that the waste is managed legally.  You are advised therefore to accompany the person carrying the waste to the site.  If this happens on a regular basis, the carrier of the waste is advised to apply to Natural Resources Wales for a lower tier waste carrier’s licence. If any payment is made to the waste carrier, the waste becomes trade waste, as the activity is commercial, and the waste shall not be permitted.
  • All of the Household Waste Sites in Ceredigion are managed on behalf of Ceredigion County Council by private waste management companies. Where there is any dispute regarding the site rules, officers of Ceredigion County Council shall consider the matter, and any decision made by an officer of the Council will be final.

What wastes will be accepted at the Household Waste Sites

Accepted Waste

  • Cans
  • Cardboard
  • Non-recyclable General Household Waste (See Note 1)
  • Glass bottles & jars
  • Plate glass
  • Garden waste
  • Paint and solvents
  • Waste oil (vegetable and mineral)
  • Paper
  • Plastics
  • Scrap metal
  • Textiles (including clothing, shoes, duvets and pillows)
  • Electrical items including household appliances (See Note 2)
  • Mattresses (See Note 3)
  • Batteries (lead acid and dry cell)
  • Fluorescent tubes and light bulbs
  • Mobile phones
  • Printer cartridges
  • Furniture
  • Asbestos a limit of 2 sheets or equivalent per annum (specific requirements apply see note 4)
  • DIY waste – a limit of 5 rubble/builders sacks (max 20kg each) of soil, rubble or DIY waste per annum
  • Plasterboard 2 sheets per annum
  • Household fixtures and fittings restricted to one item (e.g. one sink, one kitchen cupboard, one window frame, one door, one storage heater etc.)
  • Waste from a house clearance (please contact us for advice)
  • Wood limited to woody garden waste, wooden furniture, small items of fixtures and fittings, one small garden shed (please contact us for advice)
  • Trade/Business waste including Builder’s waste (See Note 3)
  • Cars/ caravans & car/caravan parts and end of life vehicles
  • Gas cylinders and fire extinguishers
  • Tyres
  • Large quantities of household fixtures and fittings
  • Outbuildings (large sheds, greenhouses, bunkers)
  • Agricultural waste
  • Pet Waste
  • Food Waste (please contact us for advice)

Restricted Waste

  • Asbestos a limit of 2 sheets or equivalent per annum (specific requirements apply see note 4)
  • DIY waste – a limit of 5 rubble/builders sacks (max 20kg each) of soil, rubble or DIY waste per annum
  • Plasterboard 2 sheets per annum
  • Household fixtures and fittings restricted to one item (e.g. one sink, one kitchen cupboard, one window frame, one door, one storage heater etc.)
  • Waste from a house clearance (please contact us for advice)
  • Wood limited to woody garden waste, wooden furniture, small items of fixtures and fittings, one small garden shed (please contact us for advice)

Waste Not Accepted

  • Trade/Business waste including Builder’s waste (See Note 3)
  • Cars/ caravans & car/caravan parts and end of life vehicles
  • Gas cylinders and fire extinguishers
  • Tyres
  • Large quantities of household fixtures and fittings
  • Outbuildings (large sheds, greenhouses, bunkers)
  • Agricultural waste
  • Pet Waste
  • Food Waste (please contact us for advice)


  1. We reserve the right to check the contents of waste delivered in black bags/refuse sacks. Recyclable items must be sorted into the appropriate container on site.
  2. Ammonia fridges are subject to completion of Ammonia Disclaimer Form.
  3. Trade waste means any waste produced as a result of any commercial activity, e.g. furniture and mattresses (1 per household) from furnished rented properties, office waste, waste from home-based businesses, waste from self-catering accommodation, garden waste generated by paid for gardening services.
  4. For guidance on dealing with asbestos, please visit the A-Z of waste.

 Check if your vehicle needs a Day Permit

The guidance below should help you decide if you can take your waste to the site, and whether you will need to apply for a Day Permit.

No permit needed

Privately owned:

  • Car
  • Small sized van e.g., Partner, Kangoo, Caddy, Transit Connect etc
  • Small to medium sized van with side windows and seats
  • Estate car
  • Pick-up/4x4
  • Small domestic trailer: 8ft x 4ft or smaller

On condition that the vehicles are carrying household waste.

Permit needed

  • Medium sized van, e.g., Transit Custom, Expert, Vivaro, Trafic, Dispatch, Transporter
  • Trailer larger than those specified in No permit needed*
  • Minibus
  • Commercially Owned vehicle
  • Hire van that falls into the above categories

On condition that the vehicles are carrying household waste.

*Permit approved at the discretion of the Council and Site Operator, depending on the type and size of the trailer and waste to be disposed of.

Not allowed on site

  • Lorry
  • Flatbed van
  • Large van e.g., Luton box van, Transit, Crafter, Master, Boxer
  • Tipper van
  • Tractor
  • Horse box
  • Agricultural vehicle
  • Any other vehicle not included elsewhere

Applying for a Day Permit

  • The Day Permit allows for a single visit to the Household Waste Site. No more than one permit per month will be issued to any individual/household. If you require to dispose of greater quantities of waste than the permit allows, please make alternative arrangements such as skip hire/ commercial waste collection services.
  • Please contact us to arrange a permit. You will be asked to provide:
    • the type and quantity of waste that you wish to take to the site
    • the planned date of your visit
    • The make, model of the vehicle, and registration number
  • To obtain a permit, at least one full working day’s notice is required. To visit on a Monday, the permit will need to be requested by 12:00noon on the Friday prior to the visit. To visit the household waste site on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday Monday the permit will need to be requested by 4:30pm on the Thursday prior to the visit.


Terracycle at the Civic Amenity Site

Terracycle Drop-Off Point - Website.png

About TerraCycle®

‚ÄčOverconsumption and a throwaway culture have led to a global waste crisis. While even complex rubbish is technically recyclable, most materials are not profitable to recycle. As a result, waste piles up in landfills and pollutes our planet while virgin materials are extracted from the earth to create new products.

At TerraCycle, we’re on a mission to eliminate the idea of waste. Together with the businesses, communities, and individuals we’ve partnered with for the past 20 years across 20 countries, we’re on a journey to move the world from a linear economy to a circular one. 

What exactly do we do? We create first-of-their-kind solutions in recycling, recycled content, and reuse:

  • Recycling:  Our first recommendation is always that manufacturers design their products or packaging to be locally recyclable. If that is not possible, we partner with brands to create free recycling programmes, scaling each programme to whatever level the sponsor is interested in. Alternatively, stakeholders may purchase the recycling solution for any waste stream by reviewing our available paid recycling solutions.
  • Recycled content: Another step in the journey towards a circular economy is to work with manufacturers to help them make their products or packaging from waste. This generates demand for recycled content, which, along with recycling, creates a recycling-based circular economy.
  • Reuse: We also help companies “tighten the circle” by moving from recycling to reuse. Through Loop, we have developed a global reuse platform that allows brands to develop reusable packaging easily and for retailers to make those products readily available to consumers.    

TerraCycle isn’t your typical recycler. We develop ways to collect and recycle rubbish that local Household Waste Recycling Centres do not generally accept, including beauty product packaging, toys, crisp packets, and much more.

What makes something locally recyclable depends on whether your local recycling company can profit from recycling it. If the cost of collecting and processing the waste is lower than the value of the resulting raw material, it will likely be locally recyclable. If the cost is higher, then it likely won’t be. The good news is that most rubbish can be technically recycled—practical recyclability all comes down to the underlying business model.

TerraCycle can recycle the hard-to-recycle because we work with brands, retailers, and other stakeholders who fund the recycling process. Concerned stakeholders sponsor our free recycling programmes so you can recycle for free. It’s a way for them to take voluntary responsibility over this important externality.

Collecting at the Civic Amenity Site

Below are the programmes that C B Environmental Ltd is currently signed up to for the Aberystwyth Civic Amenity Site and a dedicated area has been allocated in one of the shipping containers at the site with separate collection bins provided for each programme.

Please make sure that:

  • the recyclables you bring in are clean;
  • you use the appropriate bins and,
  • only deposit items that are identified as acceptable within the programme.

Some programmes may have a time limit on them so please check what is being collected and should the Terracycle collections prove successful then additional programmes may be added in the future.

Click here for a printable Reference Guide of the programmes that are currently active at the Civic Amenity Site.

The Air, Home and Laundry Care Free Recycling Programme (click here for more info)

Recycle your air, home and laundry care packaging

Terracycle - Laundry products.png         Terracycle - Laundry companies.png


Not Accepted

  • All brands of plastic air freshener containers, cartridge caps and car air fresheners

  • All brands of flexible laundry washing capsules and pods packaging

  • All brands of flexible dishwashing tablet packaging

  • All brands of flexible wipe packaging and tinted rigid plastic tubs used for home cleaning

  • All brands of tinted fabric conditioner bottles and caps

  • Lenor tumble drier sheets

  • Aerosols

  • Glass air freshener cartridges

  • Transparent bottles and caps

  • Tumble drier sheets that are not from Lenor

  • Caps from home cleaning and dishwasher products

  • Flexible plastic packaging not used for dishwasher tablets as well as washing capsules and pods

  • Flexible wipe packaging not used for home cleaning (such as baby and beauty wipes packaging)


The Carex® Free Recycling Programme (click here for more info)

Recycle all brands of hand wash pumps and refill pouches

Terracycle - Carex products.png   

 Terracycle - Carex companies.png


Not Accepted

  • Any brand of hand wash pumps

  • Any brand of hand wash refill pouches and caps

  • Plastic hand wash bottles

  • Plastic hand gel bottles and caps

  • Hand cream bottles and pumps


The Confectionery Free Recycling Programme (click here for more info)

Recycle all brands of plastic confectionery packaging

Terracycle - Confectionary products.png

Terracycle - Confectionary companies.png


Not Accepted

  • All brands of plastic confectionery packaging including:

  • Chocolate and sweets plastic pouches and bags

  • Chocolate and sweets multipack outer plastic packaging

  • Individual chocolate bar wrappers

  • Plastic chocolate block wrappers

  • Breakfast, granola and energy bar wrappers

  • Aluminium, foil, cardboard and paper wrappers (for example Fruit Pastilles and KitKats)

  • Cardboard tubes and boxes (for example Smarties and After Eights)

  • Metal tins and rigid plastic trays or tubs (for example Celebrations)

  • Quality Street wrappers


The pladis Biscuits and Snacks Free Recycling Programme (click here for more info)

Recycle your biscuit, cracker and cake wrappers

Terracycle - Pladis products.png 

 Terracycle - Pladis companies.png


Not Accepted

  • All brands of non-savoury biscuit wrappers

  • All brands of cracker wrappers

  • All brands of cake wrappers

Please note that we accept only flexible plastic packaging and not cardboard packaging

Recycling and the Environment – Responsible Waste Management

At C B Environmental Group we recognise our activities have an impact on the environment, generally, and our community, locally, and as such we are implementing a strategy to manage the various branches of our business in a professional, responsible and socially aware manner.

Since we work in the Waste Services sector all of our activities are strictly regulated and we implement both Environmental Management and Quality Management policies. These policies along with our commitment to actively reducing our society’s dependence on sending waste to landfill are at the core of our Environmental Management and Quality Management Systems.


In order to structure our response to our impacts on the environment our Environmental Management Systems are assessed according to the nationwide Green Dragon Environmental Standard which takes a step by step approach to effective environmental management.


We are actively exploring ways to divert more waste from landfill; most recently we have expanded our commercial recycling collections and now separate more waste streams from the incoming mixed waste than ever before. All aspects of our waste handling are fully licensed and are monitored and assessed according to the Green Compass scheme.


Taking an active role in the Sustainable Resources and Waste Management industry C B Environmental Ltd is an affiliated organisation with the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management.


Any rubble and other suitable inert waste handled by the group follows a managed and documented process with testing against appropriate british standards. By following this Quality Protocol we are able to recover a range or recycled aggregates from waste which are suitable for a variety of applications. 


When collecting waste, whether through our commercial waste and recycling collections or our skip hire service we recognise the need to conduct our activities in a responsible manner and as such we are members of the SafeContractor, CHAS, FORS and Constructionline health and safety accreditation schemes.


All our operatives, whether driving dustcarts or operating plant on site, are professionally trained to industry standards in order carry out their daily tasks in a competent and safe manner.


Community and Education – Encouraging Local Awareness

The C B Environmental Group recognises that it plays a part within society not only as an employer and provider of important services but also as a focus for environmental awareness in the local community. The group is active in developing ties with the community, whether through sponsorship of local sports teams or material donations to schools and care homes. Additionally, we are also able to give guided school visits to the local civic amenity site which we manage on behalf of Ceredigion County Council and we are regularly approached by the public to give advice on how best to dispose of their waste.

“We are writing to say ‘Thank you very much’ for your generous donation of soil to our school. Having worked hard on our Woodland Project we are now excited about our new project, the Cwmpadarn Herb Garden...”

Cwmpadarn School Council

“We would like to express our gratitude for the kind donation of partially composted bark chippings that you recently delivered free of charge...We greatly appreciate support from the local community. It enriches the lives of our residents as spending time in a well kept garden improves their quality of life.”

Hafan Y Waun (Housing and Care for the Elderly)

“I wanted to drop you a line and say a MASSIVE thank you for supplying your skips and services for our Aberystwyth episode of ‘DIYSOS: The Big Build... Your good will and generosity has helped a truly deserving family out of a very difficult period in their lives and we are truly grateful...”

DIYSOS: The Big Build

Please help us to encourage the next generation to think about how they impact the environment in their daily lives by using our recycling information pack for children. The pack is designed to be printed and to be used by children of different abilities with their teachers, exerpts from the pack have now been included in two educational books published for schools.

For a huge amount of helpful recycling information for home and schools click here to be taken to the Guides Network Recycling Guide which also has activities and resources aimed at children.

The following is our past contribution to a local newspaper for the 2013 Annual Recycling Week edition:

Full Page Group Advert for Cambrian News v1.png